I’ve said in the past that “The Mindmap Blog is dedicated to sharing visual mapping tools, resources, and ideas.  The site explores mindmapping in business, education, and personal life.  The site also highlights innovation and productivity.”

Well, a great way to locate this content is to use the search feature of the site (top right corner).

Below is a keyword diagram highlighting many of the topics I’ve covered over the past two and half years.

(Click diagram to enlarge)

Use one of the keywords in the diagram for your search or pick your own.  It is my hope that you find something useful and informative.  And Happy Valentine’s Day.

2 Responses to Searching The Mindmap Blog

  1. Beth says:


    What tool did you use to create your ‘keyword diagram’? It looks a lot like the default produced using the free tool at wordle. net


  2. Chance Brown says:

    Hello Beth:

    It was indeed created at http://www.wordle.net/.

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