Back in March 2010, I wrote a blog post on Adam Sicinski’s MasterMind Matrix.  It was simply one of the most extraordinary things I’d ever seen.  How he put all those concepts and paradigms into one visual image was astounding.

Since then he has created a new section on his website with a detailed explanation of how he created the MasterMind Matrix.

He describes his MasterMind Matrix this way:

The MasterMind Matrix is a map about the unconscious, conscious and semiconscious patterns of behavior that we indulge in every single waking and sleeping moment. Whether you want to improve your academic performance; desire to climb the career ladder; or seek to attain your most sought after goals; this chart will help guide you in the right direction.

In its purest form, the MasterMind Matrix is essentially nothing more than a process of how we condition ourselves and how we are conditioned by our environment and others throughout life. Adjust any one of the major “conditioning” forces along the MasterMind Matrix and you begin to positively transform your life in incredible ways.

The MasterMind Matrix is an ideal self-coaching reference tool for any physical or psychological problem you might face along your journey towards your goals. It also makes for a great life coaching reference tool for professional coaches working with clients.

I highly recommend you take a look at his site and learn more about the MasterMind Matrix.  It is the sort of thing that can change your life.

This is what it looks like (Go to the IQ Matrix site to see a close-up of each section):

Adam Sicinski's MasterMind Matrix

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2 Responses to Adam Sicinski’s Extraordinary MasterMind Matrix

  1. Thank you Chance for sharing the chart with your readers. I hope the page can be of some value.


  2. Bartek says:

    Without a doubt the best maps on the web.

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