Many people are familiar with Microsoft Project as a way to manage projects. But how many people are familiar with mindmapping software as a way to manage projects? I would suspect not many.

The real advantage of managing projects with mindmapping software versus traditional project management tools is that you can integrate websites, documents, notes, and images all in the same map. Teams can work on maps simultaneously creating a collaborative, integrated environment for managing projects. In addition, today’s mindmapping software incorporates traditional task management features such has priority, progress, start date, end date, duration, resources, milestones, roll-up task dependencies, and interactive gantt charts.

If you fall into the group who has no idea what I’m talking about when I say, “You can manage projects more dynamically and effectively with mindmapping software” – I ask that you watch these two videos:

Better Project Planning and Execution with Mindmapping Software – Examples


In-Depth Look at the Task Management Capabilities of Mindmapping Software


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