is having their “Biggerplate Unplugged” conference in London tomorrow. This event aims to inform and inspire the mind mapping community, and provide a focal point for individuals and organizations to meet and discuss developments and innovation within the mind mapping world!


This is the first event of its kind with leading software developers and mind mapping experts sharing their experience, expertise, and perspective on the past, present, and future of the mind mapping world.

Here are the speakers for the event:

Liam Hughes

Liam Hughes (Biggerplate)

From Arena to Industry: Who Needs Mainstream?

Liam asks if an obsession with ‘mainstream’ mapping acceptance is a realistic or helpful pursuit, and suggests the alternative pursuit of greater commercialisation within the mind mapping world.

Liam is the founder of

Chris Griffiths

Chris Griffiths (ThinkBuzan)

Modernising Mind Mapping: The Buzan Legacy

Chris talks about negotiating the marriage between Tony Buzan’s hand-drawn mind maps, and the needs of a new, technologically fluent generation.

Chris is CEO of ThinkBuzan

Craig Scott

Craig Scott (iThoughts

Touchy-Feely Mind Mapping

Craig will talk about his experiences building one of the first mind map tools designed solely for mobile and touch based input.

Craig is the creator and lead developer of iThoughts

Nick Duffill

Nick Duffill (Harport Consulting)

Communicating with Inductive Mind Maps

Mind mapping software is an invaluable tool, not only for mind mapping… Nick discusses an alternative design of map for communicating and explaining ideas.

Nick is Principal Consultant at Harport Consulting

John Barber

John Barber (Mindjet)

Mind Mapping and Beyond

People often view mind mapping software as an isolated tool. John will look at trends Mindjet are seeing, and changes that need to happen in order for mapping software to become an integrated natural fit with the rest of your workflow.

John is Pre-Sales and Solution Sales Manager at Mindjet

Jim Mather

Jim Mather (MindGenius)

“Is there justification for giving mind mapping mainstream status?”

Mapping software helps keep people purposefully connected and make tangible progress. We need to promote those who have used these approaches to be more competitive and more collaborative, in order to spread the message further. Jim Mather will be sharing his experience of using this approach in Government.

Jim is the Chairman of MindGenius sister company Gael

Steve Rothwell

Steve Rothwell (Elstar Consulting)

Creating Documents with Mind Mapping Software

Having used your mind mapping software to capture some ideas for a business document… why not keep going and prepare the content in full before exporting to a word processor for final formatting? Steve will introduce the process and review the benefits of this approach.

Steve is Principal Consultant at Elstar Consulting

Thomas Thornton

Thomas Thornton (MindMeister)

Mind Mapping in Education

Education systems focus on collecting the dots, and there is little time spent on teaching how to connect them. Thomas suggests schools should therefore include mapping in the curriculum, and provide focused training and support for teachers.

Thomas is Business Development Manager at MindMeister

Andrew Wilcox

Andrew Wilcox (Cabre)

Search Friendly Mind Maps

Do you want the masses to see your maps? Of course you do. Google likes words, but can it see the words on your map? Andrew will provide a few tips to help you get your maps found by google and therefore your intended audience.

Andrew is the Owner of Cabre

Although the event is sold out, Biggerplate would still like you to get involved virtually. Here’s what they recently said about the event and how you can get involved:

We’re thrilled to announce that Biggerplate Unplugged in London is now sold out! For those of you who didn’t get there in time, or who simply live too far away – we would love to for you to contribute to the discussion on the day by submitting ideas, questions, or general musings on Twitter, using the tag #BPUN with your tweets.

Help us to build up the online conversation for these events, and ensure our first event looks at the issues in the world of mind mapping that you would like to see discussed!

So let your voice be heard and remember to use the #BPUN in your tweets.

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