Biggerplate is the premier mindmap library on the Internet.  It’s a great site for downloading free mindmaps that help you with your business, your studies, or your personal productivity.

But Biggerplate is also a great place to share your own mindmaps.  You literally get an opportunity to share your maps with the world!  Biggerplate also supports a wide range of mindmapping software platforms.  So, no matter if you use ConceptDraw, XMind, iMindMap, Mindjet, or MindGenius – you can share a mindmap on Biggerplate. 

Also,  if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can download these maps directly to your device using the iThoughtsHD app (highly recommended).

Biggerplate lists the following reasons for why you might want to share a map:

  • Your mind maps could help other people tackle tough business challenges…
  • Your mind maps could help students and school pupils with their academic studying…
  • You may have the mind map template that someone else has been looking for and never found!
  • You could share mind maps that promote your business and the services you provide…
  • You could share mind maps that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in a particular area…
  • No matter how random you think your mind maps may be, we guarantee you that somebody somewhere will find it interesting and/or useful to download and use!
  • Last but not least: Every single mind map added to Biggerplate makes a huge difference to how useful the site is to others, and by adding just one mind map, you are making a great contribution to our community that will be much appreciated by everyone!

So, share a map today!  Click here to see the maps I’ve shared on Biggerplate.


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