If you are a business professional and you’ve been looking for a way to improve your business, I have a great resource for you.  It’s called Biggerplate business maps.

Biggerplate is the premier mindmap library on the Internet.  Recently they introduced an interactive section for business professionals where you can choose from hundreds of free downloadable computer-based mindmaps that can help you improve your business.


If you have an iPhone or iPad the news is even better!  With the iPhone or  iPad, you can download iThoughts from the Apple App Store and then download the Biggerplate business maps directly to your iPhone or iPad.  If you you have never used iThoughts it is an easy, intuitive mapping program that will literally change the way you look at information.  Also, iThoughts is multiplatform compatible.  By “multiplatform compatible” I mean it supports multiple mindmapping software platforms, including ConceptDraw, XMind, MindManager, and iMindmap.

With mindmappers from all over the world loading business maps onto Biggerplate using different platforms, you will be able to download them to  iThoughts on your iPhone or iPad.

I hope you find the new Biggerplate business maps section useful.  I’ve personally found it to be very useful (particularly when using the iPad).

Click here to download a business map.

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