On September 21, 2012, Mindjet made perhaps one of the biggest announcements in the mindmapping software industry.  They announced the integration of all their products into one platform at a single price point.  This new subscription service may indeed become the new way teams collaborate – whether they are in the same office or on the other side of the world.

Here’s Mindjet’s CEO, Scott Raskin, explaining why Mindjet made this significant shift and how it will enable teams around the world to be more effective:

 You know Mindjet® as the company that has set the standard in mind mapping software. We’ve built our business with the goal of helping you generate ideas, collaborate with your colleagues, and get more work done along the way.

But this goal was being approached and arrived at independently. Last year we launched our Collaborative Work Management software, designed to close this gap by bridging ideas and execution. This combination of  products dramatically improved how people worked together, accomplished goals and managed their productivity. It was a big hit. And just this week, you made us the Stevie “People’s Choice” winner in the collaboration software category.  Thank you.

Because of your feedback, we’ve been busy delivering products that extend our capabilities to mobile devices, on-premise solutions, and multiple platforms. While these extensions have succeeded in adding even more value, there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.

You’ve told us that you want a simpler, more powerful, more available solution – and we’ve listened.

Today, everything we’ve worked on comes together. Moving forward, all of our products (Mindjet Connect, MindManager, and Mobile) are integrated into one offering, simply called Mindjet. The latest Mindjet is at one price, available on virtually every platform and device.

The new Mindjet also includes features such as advanced project budgeting and planning within maps, task syncing to our cloud as well as on-premise software, and custom workspace design to place favorite commands in a personal home tab. It’s the most powerful, useful, and accessible Mindjet to date.

To learn more about the new Mindjet, click here.



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