Rarely does a tool come along that has the potential to completely change the way people work and get things done. Mindjet Connect is such a tool. This new release of Mindjet Connect is truly revolutionary.

I have been covering Mindjet products, such as MindManager, on this blog for years. Though I still believe MindManager is an incredible product in its own right, this new version of Mindjet Connect enables teams to collaborate real-time in a cloud-based environment using MindManger functionality. It then enables teams to take their creative output and move it seamless to an interactive project management platform.

If you don’t know what “collaborative work management” is then simply explore this new version of Mindjet Connect. You will quickly understand why teams using it have an advantage over teams that don’t.

In today’s competitive workplace your company is only as good as the teams within it. Thus, I strongly encourage you to take a look at Mindjet Connect.

A Few Highlights:

The New Mindjet Connect consists of two major components: Connect Vision and Connect Action:

Connect Vision:

  • Capture, organize, and connect information
  • Flexible co-editing capabilities allow multiple users to collaborate in real-time
  • Secure file storage and sharing

Connect Action:

  • Real-time activity feeds and email notifications keep everyone up-to-date
  • Social task management allows team communication through live chat threads and posts
  • Task prioritization based on due date, followers, dependencies, and attachments

Click here for a brief video on The New Mindjet Connect.

Connect Vision Window (Click to Enlarge):

Connect Action Window (Click to Enlarge)

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