Congratulations to for reaching 30,000 members in record time! is the premier mind map library and mapping community on the Internet.

Liam Hughes, founder of Biggerplate, told me “Membership has more than doubled since we rebuilt the new website in March of last year.”  He added, “We are seeing an average of 300 users register with us each week.  Considering the size of other mapping user groups, this is pretty huge.  We expect to surpass 40,000 members by the end of the year, but we are aiming for 50,000.”

The great thing about Biggerplate is you can share mindmaps as well as download mindmaps from other users.  And because the site covers so many topics you are bound to find a map that interests you.

I encourage you to go to Biggerplate and upload a mindmap today.  Also search the site and download maps that interest you.  You are also welcome to download any of my maps on

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