The effectiveness and competitiveness of any company comes down to how its people work together. Take any successful company and you will find it is successful because of the quality of team execution. That is, how teams work together to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

There is a process being used by high performing teams all over the world to help them execute on business strategy. The process is called visual mapping. Visual Mapping enables you to “see” and understand the dimensions of a problem and then dynamically solve it. An extension of visual mapping is a process called collaborative work management.

Mindjet, a leader in collaborative work management, has developed a specific set of software tools and an overall plaform for enabling teams to collaborate and execute on business strategy. A lot of people around the world already use these tools everyday. If you want to increase your productivity and team effectiveness, I strongly encourage you to attend the upcoming Mindjet Webinar Series. Click here to register.

Below is the schedule for the three-day event:

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