In a February 6, 2011 post, I stated that would be launching a new site in the near future.  Well, the wait is over.   Yesterday, they launched the new site.   And it is VERY impressive.

Images of the New Site

Below are some images of the new site. 

Click images to enlarge:

Biggerplate Will Help Make Mindmapping More Mainstream

Today, there are still a lot of people who don’t understand the advantages of computer-based mindmapping.  This new Biggerplate website will play a major role in helping mindmapping become more mainstream.   The site is easy to use and offers a wonderful interactive experience for both sharing and downloading mindmaps.

If you want to see how others from all around the world are visualizing and associating information to expand their knowledge – then you have to look no further than

A Word About Sharing Mindmaps with the Biggerplate Community

A great feature of is how easy it is to share your maps with the larger community.  You know, there is a saying that goes “it is better to give than receive.”  Now I know on some level, you might be secretly saying to yourself, “That’s a nice idea, but I really like getting things.”  But if you look a little deeper, you will understand why “it is better to give than receive”.  The reason is this: if we all think first to “give”, then everyone “recieves” by default. 

For example, if I meet you and I am thinking “what can I give this person” and you are thinking “what can I give this person” then by default we both get something.  What we give can be as elaborate as a physical gift to something as simple as a compliment.  But we were both thinking “give” instead of “recieve”.  And as result we both got something.

However if, on the other hand, we are both only thinking about “getting” something from one another, it becomes “survival of the fittest” and there is never enough for everyone. 

So, when you go to think first about creating and sharing mindmaps with the larger community.  This way there is more than enough mindmaps for everyone – including you.

To see the  31 mindmaps I’ve contributed to Biggerplate to date, click this link:



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